Barbara Miller is an agent and Ari Gold's former mentor and partner at the Miller Gold Agency.

Entourage Edit

First appearing as Mandy Moore's agent in the second season, Babs is depicted as Ari Gold's mentor years before the events of the series.

In the first half of season 3, Babs alerts Ari about the growing opposition to his creation of a new agency and comes to his aid after Terrance McQuewick denies him the money. Ari and Babs agrees to a 51/49 partnership in the new Miller-Gold Agency (MGA), where they must both agree on hiring or firing employees.

They periodically get at odds with each other over various company issues during the next two seasons. In the fifth season, after she discovers Ari being offered the presidency of Warner Brothers, Babs tells Ari she will pay him ten cents per every dollar he invested in the agency. She also objects to Ari's plans to merge MGA with Andrew Klein's Klein-Cutler Talent Agency, despite its profitability and clean finances. She eventually relents and agrees to the buyout as long as Ari will take care of Klein's wages.

In season 6, Barbara wants to fire Klein after she sees him walking around the agency in his robe and threatens to do so unless he can sign Aaron Sorkin by the end of the day. Although Klein does land the job, Barbara begins to think less of him. In the seventh season, Babs works with Ari in dealing with the NFL and fallout from the disclosure of Lizzie Grant's blackmail.

In the series finale, Ari lets her take over TMA as he resigns to spend time with his family.

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