Brittany is a young woman who served as Eric Murphy's assistant during E's time at Murray Berenson's Management Company.

Brittany in the Season 6 episode, "No More Drama".

Biography[edit | edit source]

Brittany made her debut appearance in the Season 6 episode, No More Drama where she was a secretary working at the Murray Berenson Company and also the assistant to the company's newest member, agent and manager Eric Murphy. She proved to be a success in helping E get used to the company's workings and even expressed a strong dislike towards E's colleague, Scott Lavin, regarding Lavin as a douchebag.

In addition to that, she and E kept their relationship professional and Brittany even lent him some advice upon noticing that E's girlfriend, Ashley was jealous towards any women who had an interest in E which prompted Brittany to tell E that she believed that Ashey was crazy which eventually prompted E to break up with Ashley for good during Berried Alive.

As such, Brittany helped E cope by inviting him, Turtle, Vince and Drama to hang out with her and her friends with E strongly advising Drama and Vince against making any passes at Brittany.

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