Entourage Wiki

This page contains the Entourage Wiki's image policy. Please read it carefully and follow the rules before uploading images to the wiki.


We, as a wiki, have many different users, and all of them can upload images to the wiki as they desire. Therefore, everyone needs to make sure they give their images proper names before uploading them. If it is a screenshot from an episode, name it: "Episode 1.jpg" (for instance) and not "hsdfjhdsfg8425.jpg". Images without proper names will be deleted on sight by the admins of the wiki.


We do not have very strict rules regarding the quality of our images. However, you are not allowed to upload images of such a low quality we cannot distinguish the subject of the image. It is better to have a page with not image than to have a page with a useless image.

Check first[]

Before you upload an image, you need to check the wiki to see if we do not already have the same or a similar images on the wiki. Double images will only take up space, and will therefore be deleted once spotted.

Personal Images[]

Personal images are images that do not have anything to do with the subject of the wiki. Personal images can be uploaded to place on one's userpage. However, you should note that we have established a maximum ammount of personal images per user. Each user is allowed to upload up to five personal images. Any other personal images uploaded will be deleted and the contributor will be warned.


You should only upload images when you are actually planning to use them. Do not upload images if you do not plan to add them to a specific article. If you do, the image will be deleted.