A WikiProject is a collection of pages devoted to the management of a specific topic or family of information within the Entourage Wiki. It is a resource to help coordinate and organize article writing.


A WikiProject is basically a coordinated way to improve multiple articles by multiple users in a more efficient and time-saving way, leading to quicker and better results.

Every project has it's dedicated main page. In that page, we can find:

  • A detailed descriptions of the project's goals and objectives, both in progress and completed
  • A Members Box, where the editors in the project sign their usernames
  • Recomended instructions for those who wish to help
  • A list of pages contained in the project

To join a project, any interested registered user just needs to go to the correspondent project's page and sign their name on the Members Box.

In the right side infobox of every project's main page, specific info are located, including the founder of project, the date of creation, current focus, current project head, chief editor and number of articles total and improved.

Each projects has positions that need to be filled for a better development. They are the following:

  • Project Head - Usually the founder, the Project Head is the guy in charge to who questions fly. An editor who keeps constant watch over the articles within the project's grasp and sets things in motion, he is responsible mainly for advertising the project, recruting people, and keeping writing consistent.
  • Chief Editor - Basically, the role of a Chief Editor is to keep an eye on articles, create the ones missing, coordinate efforts, and anything related to the encyclopedic side of the project. Chief editors may be appointed by the project head but must be approved by a Staff member.

You have an idea for a project that still doesn't exist here? Read below for instructions on how to create new projects!

Creating a new WikiProject

  1. Read Wikiproject Best practices for tips on leading a WikiProject.
  2. Create the main project page at Entourage Wiki:WikiProject/(project name).
  3. Create an outline on your project page.
  4. Present that outline to an Administrator and then the Administrators and Director of Staff will vote on the project and whether or not it should be accepted.
  5. Once accepted, add the Project Infobox onto your project.
  6. Identify pages within the scope of your project.
  7. Create a project to-do list to focus and coordinate your collaborative efforts.
  8. If possible, link to a sample article to give other editors a feel for the project's goals.
  9. Advertise!
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