Jason Patric (born June 17, 1966) is an American actor, who plays a fictionalized version of himself in the Entourage episode Pie.

Entourage[edit | edit source]

Jason Patric, veteran to action and drama films and a Queens, NY native like Vincent Chase and his entourage, is cast as the lead actor in upcoming Warner Bros. film Smokejumpers and shares a number of scenes with Vincent Chase’s character.

However, it seems that Jason is bullying his way through the movie, stealing all of Vince's best lines and generally hogging the limelight. Vince does try to stand up for himself, and decides to confront Jason Patric about stealing his lines. Unfortunately, Vince is overcome with Patric's sheer intensity and decides to drop the issue, giving him the benefit of the doubt and that maybe he might have taken the lines accidentally.

Even after a conversation with the director, Verner Vollstedt, who basically placates Vince by saying that Jason Patric needs a lot of space and is okay with the on-set bullying, and that Vince's character will get a few good moments in a later act.

This is all cast in doubt by the end of the episode, when Vince finally does muster the courage to confront Jason. Jason tells Vince that it was the director who told him to take Vince's lines because of Verner's aversion to Vince’s allegedly bad acting style, and that he should take it up with him.

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