Marvin is a recurring character in Entourage. He is Vincent Chase's personal accountant and is portrayed by Paul Herman.


Marvin in the Season 7 episode, "Dramedy".

Biography Edit


Marvin is a financial accountant, who is hired as Vincent Chase's accountant prior to the series.


Throughout the series, Marvin constantly berates the gang for their excessive spending and urges them to save, starting in the first season when Vince decides to buy a Rolls-Royce Phantom on lease. More than once, Marvin feels that Vince and Eric Murphy don't listen to his financial advice.

Marvin is often shown yelling at Vince and Eric over the phone, with the running joke that Vince always hangs up on him claiming his cell phone dropped the call to avoid another of Marvin's rants about Vince's spending.

In the second season in Aquamansion, Marvin tries to discourage Vince from buying an expensive house when he had not even landed the title role in Aquaman, yet Vince buys it anyway.

In Season 4, Marvin constantly warns Vince not to live off of his American Express Black Card.

As Vince teeters on bankruptcy in Season 5, Marvin recommends that he do other income-generating activities - such as guest appearances at parties - to remain financially stable. In the seventh season episode "Dramedy," Marvin cautions Turtle about the state of his finances for his limo business. 


  • The inspiration for Marvin comes from Doug Ellin's own father. [1]



  1. The series was produced by the former rapper turned actor Mark Wahlberg and a Long Island native, Doug Ellin, whose father, Marvin Ellin, is an accountant in Manhattan. ... "He's 100 percent my father," Mr. Ellin said last week. "He was always saying, `Save, save, save.' source: