Scott Wick was the producer of Queens Boulevard and Ari Gold's self-proclaimed "best friend". He was portrayed by the late Stanley DeSantis.

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After reading and falling in love with the Queens Boulevard script, Vince learns that he’ll have to win Scott over before landing the role when Ari informs Eric that Scott hates the up-and-coming actor.

In his first appearance in season one, The Script and the Sherpa, Scott, Vince and E have dinner to discuss Vince getting the role. We find out his father was a diplomat in Russia approximately 50 years ago during the Cold War and that he doesn't see Vince in the part, even though Vince grew a block from where the script takes place, is from Queens and had a troubled childhood. It isn't until Vincent provides Wick with marijuana due to the drought in California, that Vincent gets Scott's approval and the lead role in Queens Boulevard.

He is seen again in the Chinatown episode when Eric Murphy tries to get Wick to give Eric a print of Queens Boulevard, in order to land Vincent that lead as Aquaman in the Aquaman film, as James Cameron has not heard of Vincent. He makes his final appearance during the Sundance Kids episode where he talks about the film and questions the director's choice of making it a four hour film.


  • The actor who played Wick died in the fall after season 2. He was the first of two fake producers to die in real life; because of his death Scott is not mentioned in season 3 part 1.