Shauna Roberts is Vincent Chase's publicist who describes herself as Vince's "West-Coast mother". She is a brutally honest woman who speaks her mind to Vince and the boys.

Entourage Edit

She is a recurring guest star over the course of the show, being Vince's sharp-tongued publicist. While working in Vince's camp, she is seen to have raised two children. In the fifth season, Shauna steps in to help Vince's income stream by encouraging him to appear at a sweet sixteen party for USD 200,000. In the final season, she assists Vince with the damage control in light of an article Vanity Fair reporter Sophia Lear wrote about him.


There may be no more frustrating job than being the publicist for a client that doesn't seem to worry about his image. Regardless, Shauna does whatever she can to promote her star client Vince Chase. She also realizes that she doesn't have to take any crap from Vince's friends, and she has no problems putting any of them in their place.


  • Shauna is a recurring guest star in Season 1 and a star in Season 2, 3 and 4. Creator/Producer/Head Writer Doug Ellin has stated the change in the introduction credits is the work of HBO.
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